Logical circuits of computers at the quantum level are shrinking.


Terra Scale Processing requires a different kind of computing.

With Exa Scale we are at the limit of 7nm manufacturing. From now on, quantum effects are getting stronger and stronger.

The solution could be quantum computers, but they are very different from logical computers and expect qubits and passive measurements of achieved states.


The calculations are not only simulated, but also carried out effectively at the quantum level.

Certain calculations should therefore never be made by quantum computers, especially the Higgs boson and time travel. Through a resonance effect, it could and will also trigger a new Big Bang from the quantum plane by closing the time loop of the Big Bang and restarting the universe.

Instead of relying on calculations by wild quantums, they can be forced into a kind of logical circuit, which is similar to a miniaturization. The deeper the quantum plane, the more logical circuits can be used for simultaneous convention alimony calculations. This digitization of qubits could dramatically increase the computing performance of convention computers.



Today (20.01.2021) I have read a message that this is supposed to have been done by means of superconductors. Who knows if that's fake.

Galaxien im großen schwarzen loch.